Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pumpkins + Plaid

Spendid Blouse - c/o Marshalls
JBrand Wax Coated Jeans - c/o Marshalls
Booties/Crossbody - Plato's Closet
Necklace - Flea Market

With the temperatures dropping and leaves falling, it is safe to say fall weather is officially here. I have my pumpkin candles burning, extra throw blankets on the couch, and lots of plaid that I've been itching to wear. This blouse from Marshalls has been in my closet for a few weeks; I was saving it for the perfect fall day, and figured what better place to wear it to than the pumpkin patch. I was browsing the racks with my mom, spotted the plaid print and fell in LOVE. It's not the "typical" plaid button-up shirt and the color scheme of the blouse is beautiful! It has a unique buttoned back, a great neckline, and can be worn with practically anything (in my opinion!)
It's by the brand Splendid, which normally costs a pretty penny, but thanks to Marshalls it was only $39.99. Now if only I could wear it ever day! I paired it with a simple pair of booties and some wax-coated J Brands (also from Marshalls). What I love about wax-coated jeans is that they're similar to leather pants, but aren't as intimidating as leather pants. If I had to choose one staple for fall, it's hands down, a killer pair of wax-coated jeans. Once you get a pair, you may now ever want to go back to regular jeans!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Chambray & Lace

chambray, shorts, and sandals - c/o Marshalls

If I had to think of some of my favorite things, a chambray shirt would definitely make that list. When I'm stuck on what to wear, I usually throw on a chambray top. They're super comfortable and I have a few different washes, so I can pair it with so many different items. 
I mean, what doesn't look good with a denim blouse?! 
Sequined skirt- yes
 Lace shorts- yes
LBD- yes
Socks with sandals- ok, now we've pushed it too far! Hah

The one I'm wearing here is always my first pick! I love the bright blue wash because it reminds me of my all time favorite Crayola crayon-Cerulean. When I was in grade school and using crayons daily, that was the first crayon that would run out. I guess it makes sense why this chambray is my go-to! When I purchased it, it was already velvety-soft. No breaking in necessary! This designer brand is carried at Anthropologie and costs a fortune. But lucky for me (and you!), Marshalls carries it too and it was under $30. Yet another reason I love this top!

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Disclosure: I have received free products or value from Marshalls or The TJX Companies, Inc. 
in connection with my affiliation with Marshalls Project FAB

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Handkerchief Print Jumpsuit

Linen Blazer - Marshalls
Jumpsuit - Forever 21
Steve Madden Heels - Thrifted
Steve Madden Purse - c/o Marshalls

There are some trends I just can't get on board with. 
Socks with sandals, Birkenstocks, white sunglasses.
 I mean, I think they look great...on other people! That's exactly how I felt about jumpsuits. They're cute, just on someone else! Earlier this year a stylist from Marshalls sent me a jumpsuit. At first I was skeptical, but after trying it on and loving it, I felt like I could rock the occasional jumpsuit-especially one as cute as this handkerchief print one. I found it at Forever 21 and was drawn to the eclectic print, but ordered it online so I wasn't quite sure how it would fit. Once it came, I was eager to try it on. 
Ladies, it was seriously love at first sight(or try on) 
It fit so well and has open sides making it perfect for keeping cool in the hot summer months. Best part- it can be worn with flats or heels! I'm a big fan of versatile fashion items and this jumpsuit it just that! I paired it with a sleek linen blazer from Marshalls and some simple nude sandals for a dressier, everyday look. 

Another trend I was skeptical about- the backpack. When I think of a "fashion" backpack, my mind immediately goes back to my freshman year in high school when I rocked a leopard Dakine. 
You remember Dakine backpacks, right?
  Everyone had one at my school and I have steered clear of backpacks since. But after receiving this sleek black one from Marshalls, I'm kind of a backpack convert. Plus, this one can be worn as a purse. Perfect for all my days on the go with my little guy. Now if only they made backpacks this cute when I was in high school!
Marshalls has a huge selection of amazing backpacks just like the one I have posted today! 
I have my eye on a fringed black one that I may need to snag this weekend ;)

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Disclosure: I have received free products or value from Marshalls or The TJX Companies, Inc. 
in connection with my affiliation with Marshalls Project FAB.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Gray J Brand Jeans - c/o Marshalls
Blouse - H&M
Steve Madden Pumps - Thrifted

Sometimes the simplest outfits are the best ones. Right?
 I was sent these high-rise J Brands from Marshalls and fell in love with their cool wash. I don't have a pair of gray jeans in a light wash and J Brand just happens to be one of my favorite brands, so I was very excited when I received them. I love purchasing all my denim at Marshalls because it's high-quality, in season, and always affordable.  You know when football players score a touchdown and they do a victory dance? I do something like that when I find the exact same item I purchased at Marshalls, at a department store! It's seriously the best thing ever! 
*que the sprinkler dance and raising the roof*
That happened recently with my Rag & Bone vest from this post. It was listed for over $150 at Nordstrom- yikes! I only paid $49.99. Can't hate that!

Enjoy your week and thank you for your sweet comments!

Disclosure: I have received free products or value from Marshalls or The TJX Companies, Inc. 
in connection with my affiliation with Marshalls Project FAB.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Vibrant Prints

Dress - c/o Marshalls
Oryany - TJMaxx
Mia Heels - Ebay
Initial Necklaces - gifted from my sister Giulianna

I heard a commercial on Pandora the other day announcing the arrival of Pumpkin Spiced lattes and it totally threw me off guard. No way is summer almost over! I just started sifting through my fall items and I'm deciding what I can carry into this upcoming season. I usually try to buy things that can translate into all seasons and I can just switch up my accessories and layers. This dress happens to be one of those items! I picked it up at Marshalls and before I could make my way to the register, I was stopped not once, but twice, by women who wanted to know where I found this lovely dress. What immediately caught my eye was the beautiful print; I loved the black accents woven into the pattern and the crochet detailing on the arm. The dress had such a vibrant, festive print, plus with its breezy chiffon fabric- I knew I had to go home with it!  I didn't notice the fluttery sleeves until I tried it on, so that was just the icing on the cake. 
Well, the real icing on the cake was that this dress was only $16.99! No joke!
The quality and fit is incredible that you would never guess it was under twenty dollars. But that's Marshalls for you! Amazing, high-quality items at a fraction of the cost. I makes sense why I shop there once a week (don't tell Nick!).

Now I really need to step up my home decor for this season. I want to make it super cozy and inviting. I have super dark floors and have a hard time creating a warm feel to our home.
Any suggestions?